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    Crown Adhesive (Latex Free)


    Crown Eyelashes Brush On Adhesive is formulated for LONG lasting wear! Our Water resistant formula will keep your lashes on all day !

    Latex-free Eyelash Adhesive applies false eyelashes with a non-irritating formula, applies in colour for an expert application and dries quickly to a color-less look.

    Acrylates, Ethylhexyl, Acrylate, copolymer, Water,Phenoxyethanol

    5ml/net wt. 17fl oz.

    CAUTION:Use as directed,Keep out of children.FLAMMABLE. Do not use near heat or open flame.
    *See ”HOW TO” section

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    MFMA’S new multi-layered & lightweight INVISIBLE individual clusters are made to customize your look from a natural to a maximum lash volume in a quick & easy way. They will provide a lush and feathered effect. These INVISIBLE individual clusters enhance lash length and the tapered tips blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

    • Knot-free individuals
    • Fine paper band that disappear in natural lash line
    • Ultra-luxurious, soft to the touch individuals
    • Fine, tapered ends
    • Length 8MM -10MM -12MM
    • 20 strands per individual cluster
    • C Curl
    • 60 clusters per box
    • Free delivery available on purchase of 100$ and more!

    Best individual lashes on the market for Makeup artists.

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    PRO LASH – Light ( Multi-Pack 5 pairs )

    • Starting at 19.95$ ( 1 multi-pack )
    • As low as 139.95$ when bundle purchase of 10 multi-packs ( 13.99$ each )
    • Free delivery available on purchase of 100$ and more!

    Best eyelashes on the market for Makeup artists.